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This is the website of the Forest Lake Townhomes (FLT) Home Owners Association (HOA) of Fort Myers, Florida. It has been developed to serve as an information source for the home owners and the community.

If you wish to buy or rent in Forest Lakeplease do not contact Tropical Isles or the HOA, as it has no role in the townhomes owner's decisions to sell or rent their townhome. Click on the Real Estate tab to the left on this page, for information on home owners units for sale or rent.

If you are a Realtor, or a Resident, and you are looking for the Rules & Regulations, or other information packages for new owners, or new renters, click on the All FLT Applications, Documents & Forms tab to the left on this page. Realtors, please also see the Real Estate tab to the left on this page for more information.

FLT Owners and Tenants, if you have any questions or concerns to bring to the attention of Tropical Isles or the HOA Board, you can email directly Tropical Isles (Carmen), the HOA Board, or Webmaster (Bob) via Contact Us. All RESIDENTS and the PUBLIC have access to the Welcome and All FLT Applications, Documents & Forms tabs which contain the answers to the majority of questions sent to the HOA, please review these tabs for more information.

All home owners become members of the Forest Lake Townhomes Home Owners Association. Only home owners (not renters) are granted access to the Members area of this website.  Home Owners MUST Register (top, left on the Home page) to obtain access to the Members section of this website. When you register your FLT ownership will be confirmed and your account will be approved by the administrator, and your login and password information will be emailed to the email address you provide. Thereafter you will be required to Login to the website (top, left on the Home page) to obtain access to the Members section of the website.

Difficulties Logging in? If you have forgotten your password, click on Login, enter your email (username), and click Forgot Password and the website will resend your password. If you wish to change the password that the website provided, while logged in, click on Your Profile, (top, left on the Home page) and you can update your profile information, change your username or change your password. For any other questions or difficulties accessing this website, please email Webmaster  via Contact Us.

Are you registered for Caliber? Caliber is the management and accounting software used by Tropical Isles to manage our HOA fee payments, contact and email information. ++++Please CHECK and ENSURE your email address is correct in Caliber, as it is this database that is used when the HOA sends out communications by email. +++ For more information and to register, refer to the Documents & Forms tab. If already registered, access Caliber here

Residents are required to register with Envera, which is the Security company that manages vehicle access through our security gate. A registration form is available at the Documents & Forms tab, and RFID tags are then managed by Carmen Alvarez (see her at the Clubhouse on Tuesdays from 7:30 - 10:30 am, and on Thursdays from 3:00 - 6:00 pm). Once registered, you can manage a guests list, identifying people and vehicles that you permit to enter FLT, using the Envera community portal, for more info click here. If already registered, access Envera here.  

Are you registered for Nextdoor Forest Lake is a free website that allows you to communicate and connect with your Forest Lake neighbors, including the ability to send registered neighbors a Direct Message. If already registered, access Nextdoor here.

Click on the Community Video (see below), which can be enlarged to full screen. View the virtual tour of the clubhouse and pool. This presentation was donated free of charge to the community by Boris Stanarius, managing partner of Wunderbar Homes.
~ Upcoming Events ~
HOA Board Meeting
Tuesday, November 7th, 6:00 pm at Zoom meeting
The next Annual BUDGET MEETING of the HOA Board and membership is scheduled for November 7, 2023 at 6:00 pm. 
HOA members will receive a copy of the proposed Budget (by email October 6, 2023 if consented to electronic communications, or by USPS) in advance of the meeting. 
The draft proposed Budget will be available in the MEMBERS FINANCIALS section
As this is a meeting of the Home Owners Association, all Townhome Owners (only) are welcome to attend. The Agenda will be posted at the Clubhouse, and a link to a copy of the Agenda will be provided below, a few days before the meeting.
++++This virtual meeting will be conducted using Zoom. Details are posted in the MEMBERS section under the Zoom Meetings tab.++++

~ Forest Lake News & Information ~
AUGUST 2023 Financials - now posted in the Members Financials section.
Trash and Recycling Pick-up - The FLT HOA has rules and advice found here. The City of Fort Myers has rules and restrictions found here.
FLT Parking Guest Registration Instructions - For instructions on how to register guests in FLT parking, click here. For a demonstration on how the parking software works, additional advice on the system, and contacts for more help, click here. For information on how the guest parking rules are enforced, click here.
First Call Pest Control provides a pest spraying service outside and inside your townhome included in your HOA fees. For more information, click here. Spraying Schedule
Please direct all requests for community related maintenance and repairs to Tropical Isles: Carmen Alvarez.  Carmen is on-site at the Clubhouse on Tuesdays from 7:30 - 10:30 am, and on Thursdays from 3:00 - 6:00 pm (except holidays and vacations). Please email her using Contact Us, Or you may call her at 239-939-2999 ext. 218 and leave a message. Office Hours: Monday - Thursday 8AM-5PM, Fridays 8AM-12PM
CLOSED 12PM-1PM for lunch
Wind Mitigation Reports are available in the Members section. Home Owners may submit these reports for their personal HO6 coverage.
If you have replaced your townhomes windows with Hurricane Rated windows, please inform Carmen so that she may update our community database to indicate your home will not require hurricane shutters in advance of a hurricane.

~ Community Links ~

~ Hurricane Preparedness ~
To track the predicted path of a tropical storm or hurricane, obtain the information from the NOAA, National Hurricane Center, Miami FL. Look for the App for your smart phone, for example  
To track the intensity of the storm, to see the areas of heavy rain for example, use a Weather App that provides radar information, for example 
For an EXTREMELY PRECISE map of the projected path of the storm, (you can zoom in to street level) obtain the ESRI Hurricane and Cyclone App, for example  
The HOA/Tropical Isles does not assist in having hurricane shutters installed or removed. All owners are responsible for the installation and removal of hurricane shutters on their townhomes. The HOA may offer advice, but is not responsible for actions taken (or not taken) by home owners. Windows, doors and the interior of townhomes are the responsibility of homeowners, so any damage resulting from homeowners failing to install hurricane shutters is the homeowners responsibility. After the storm has passed, the HOA will provide a deadline to home owners for having hurricane shutters removed.   
If you have replaced your townhomes windows with Hurricane Rated windows, please inform Carmen so that she may update our community database to indicate your home will not require hurricane shutters in advance of a hurricane.

~ Community Video ~