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Quarterly Patio Inspections
Wednesday, July 6th to Saturday, December 31st at Your Patio
The next HOA Patio Inspection will be on JULY 6, 2022
The HOA conducts QUARTERLY patio inspections, to ensure residents are not permitting snakes and other vermin from living in their patios and causing a nuisance to their neighbors and the common areas. The Rules & Regulations state:
H.         Cleanliness:
1.         The Common Properties shall be kept clean and free from all litter and trash. Members shall not allow anything to be thrown, or to fall from windows and/or doors. No substances shall be permitted to escape to the Common Properties from the dwelling units.
2.         The home owner’s patio area must be maintained by the home owner/renter. No unit is allowed to have any overgrown plants or weeds. Pet waste in the patio area must be removed regularly. Grass needs to be mowed and kept up.
HOA Board Meeting
Tuesday, September 13th, 6:00 pm at Zoom meeting
The next regular meeting of the HOA Board will be held on Tuesday SEPTEMBER 13, 2022 at 6:00 pm.
++++Due to COVID19, this virtual meeting will be conducted using Zoom. Details are posted in the MEMBERS section under the Zoom Meetings tab.++++
As this is a meeting of the Home Owners Association, all Townhome Owners (only) are welcome to attend. The Agenda will be posted at the Clubhouse, and a link to a copy of the Agenda will be provided below, a few days before the meeting.