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Dogs Database

The purpose of the Dog Registration and DNA program is to ensure all dogs in the community have been registered and approved, and to collect a dog saliva sample for DNA analysis, that will be used to identify owners that do not pick-up their pet waste in the community. The need for registering our dogs this way is in response to an increase in the number of complaints from residents that pet waste is not being picked up.
FLT Residents will be requested to provide a dog photo, evidence of dog vaccination, and a DNA sample using a kit provided by the HOA, at the expense of the dog owner. The DNA kit cost will be approximately $65. A pet DNA vendor will analyze and maintain an FLT dog DNA database.
If a resident finds pet waste in the community, contact the HOA Board via Contact Us to photograph and obtain a sample of the pet waste. 
The pet waste will be analyzed and compared to the DNA on file by our vendor. The owner will be identified, and the HOA will fine the Owner for the cost of this test (approximately $150) and a $100 fine (for each occurrence). 
Please refer to our Rules & Regulations section D. Pets for a complete reference to owner responsibilities and pet restrictions. 
Please refer to the file below for a listing of dogs registered in FLT. If you believe that a dog is in the community that is not registered, you can search this list for more information, and/or inform the HOA Board. The purpose of this file is for owners and residents to be assured that all dogs in the community are registered, and to bring forward any concerns of unregistered dogs to the HOA Board attention, for follow-up.
FLT Dog Database July 18, 2024